About Us

The History of Our YMCA

The YMCA was founded in London in 1844. It started as a Bible study group to give guidance to the young men of the industrial revolution. It has since grown as the largest non profit organization in the world. In 1982 Dr. Barret Lessenberry presented the idea of a YMCA to the Glasgow/Barren County community. It started in churches, homes and local businesses. In 1992 the Barren County Family YMCA opened its doors, having an indoor pool, gymnasium, walking track, and nursery. Today, after several renovations, our YMCA serves over 6500 members. We offer financial assistance to those in need. The YMCA strives to meet the needs of the community, and promote safe, communal, family oriented activities.

Current Board of Directors

Mr. Terry Bunnell - President

Mrs. Lisa Foutch - Vice President

Mrs. PJ Lindsey - Secretary

Mr. Ervin Sorrell - Treasurer

Mr. Bud Wethington

Mr. Brandon Judd

Mr. Cavey McCoy

Judge Executive Michael Hale

Mr. Tom Tank

Mrs. Leigh Witty

Mr. Wayne Davis

Mr. Bo Matthews

Mr. James Neal

Mrs. Katie Hawks

Mayor Dick Doty

Mr. Mike McCandless

Mr. Patrick Gaunce

Mr. Barret Lessenbery - Past President