YMCA Policies

YMCA Guest Policies

There’s never been a better time to share your love for the Y with your family and friends. Members may bring a guest to the Y 3 times per year. At the Y we value our members so we ask that you accompany your guest and be accountable for you and your guest behavior. If you live 60 miles away or more from the Y or are visiting from another YMCA, then you may use the facility without a member accompanying you. Guests who live in the community and surrounding counties may only use the Y up to 3 times a year. Guests must bring photo identification when utilizing the facility. We now offer a Fitness Punch Card for those who are interested in our fitness classes. This will allow you to visit 10 of our land and selected water classes before signing up for a membership.

All guest are to abide by the YMCA policy and procedures. YMCA members are responsible for the behavior of their guest. Both Guest and Members will be held liable for any intentional damage to the YMCA property. Authorities will be contacted if anyone is caught vandalizing the facility, destroying property, threatening staff and/or members of the YMCA. Theft or vandalism could result in the loss of your YMCA membership.

Things To Know

Members are to check-in at the Welcome Center with their membership card at each visit. (A new membership card can be replaced for $3.00)

Payment for membership or programs are to be made at the time of registration.

Members receive a discounted rate on every YMCA program.

YMCA takes VISA, Master Card and Discover in addition to cash and personal checks for program payments.

The YMCA offers assistance for community members who can not afford YMCA membership or programs.

Towel dry before entering the restroom area. (Please towel off)

Those in the restroom area must be clothed or covered.

Family Changing Room is available on the pool deck. Please see Welcome Center for access.

Members must shower before using pool.

No loitering in the locker room area.

The YMCA is not responsible for lost or stolen items. We strongly encourage the use of locks in the locker room. (No locks overnight). Please use cell phone lockers to protect your valuables or monthly locker rentals are available. Please see the Welcome Center for information.

All TV units are for headphone use only.

NO FOOD or carbonated drinks are to be in the fitness centers or gyms. All spills should be reported to the staff immediately.

Gym shoes must be worn to use cardio equipment or in the gymnasium.

Modest attire should be worn to workout or in any co-ed environment.

A 30 day written notice must be given to cancel a YMCA Membership bank draft.

Every member is to wipe down ALL equipment after each use.

ALL YMCA property, including our sports fields, is drug, alcohol, and tobacco free.

As a membership facility the YMCA has the right to restrict all guns, knives and items that maybe used as a weapon from entering the building.

Thank You For Cooperating